Individual Counselling

Most of the Counselling sessions in this country are on a one to one basis, with the client and therapist meeting in a confidential setting. Seeing an individual in this manner can be a very private affair and can make the counselling process very difficult to understand or explain.

There is a common misconception that counselling and psychotherapy began with the work of Sigmund Freud but if you look closer at human history and the need for a space to talk to someone objectively to help relieve psychological distress we can see this is not the case. Human beings have quite clearly wanted to express their emotional stories and have had communities formed where they could be heard by an authority (Shamans, tribal elders, confessionals are all examples). As the western world moved into industrialisation these traditional communities based on extended families have disappeared. No wonder there is a rise in individuals seeking help in such an isolated world where technology and capitalism can amplify any negative feelings.

What to expect from counselling?

At Hertford Counselling we believe that individual counselling can provide a safe neutral space in which to explore any difficulties you are facing. We strive to be impartial and although we don’t give advice, we can try and help to understand what you are going through. All we ask is that you make a commitment to spending time with yourselves, as you are your own expert! We can help to normalise your experience and to critically evaluate your relationships to try and look at things in a new way and maybe to try another way of functioning.

Your first session will be a form of an assessment where you can discuss with your therapist just what is troubling you and how to move forward in your life. An agreed length of sessions can be agreed with a focus, but in more complex situations there may be the need for open ended therapy. Individual counselling does not work for everyone and we do offer couples counselling and family therapy for those who want to concentrate on their immediate relationships.