Home Visit Counselling

At Hertford Counselling Service, we are offering counselling in the local area through visits to your home for those who are unable to come to our office because of physical disability. We also recognise that, being in a Grade II listed building, our offices are unable to accommodate those who would need a lift.

Please do contact us for further information if you would like to use this service. Availability for visits will be limited but we will try our utmost to accommodate your request wherever possible. We will be trialling counselling services during the day in areas close to Hertford. If successful, we will be widening the service to other areas beyond Hertford.

You can find out more about Individual Counselling to see if it may help you.

We also recommend considering using Skype as an alternative to face to face counselling in order to access therapy. Please look at our Skype page to see more information on how we can bring counselling to you.

For an appointment, contact us by calling on 01992 5018510.