Family Counselling

Families can be a source of support, encouragement and love but sometimes relationships within families are put under strain and family members can feel isolated or overlooked when they are faced with changes and it can be difficult to learn to adapt.

Examples of family problems:

·  Sibling rivalry, relationships
·  A new baby can create disruptive behaviours or separation anxiety from older siblings
·  Work pressures
·  Moving house or changing schools
·  Divorce or separation
·  Forming new families, step children
·  School and Exam pressures
·  Death in the family
·  Health problems

Every family is different and there are many reasons for wanting to improve your family relationships.

Family Support Therapy helps you to understand and cope better with the stresses and strains of family life, it can help the whole family to communicate better, and to support one another through difficult times, to reduce conflict and arguments and grow stronger as a result.

Consultations can take place in your own home or at our consulting rooms for further information please contact Hertford Counselling Service.