What our clients say about us

What our clients say about us


“Vincent, Thank you for the help and support you have given me.
I must admit that I was a little pessimistic whether I would be able to fully express my thoughts with another man, having previously only had counselling sessions with female counsellors in the past, but my worries were put at ease within the first session.
I came to you when I was extremely low, blaming myself for everything that had happened to me recently. Over the weeks during our sessions, you got to know me and peel away the years and reveal where my issues stemmed from and got me to a place today where I am happier and aware of my thoughts and feelings and how I cope with them.
Every week you amazingly recalled our previous sessions and the names, dates and events that have been part of my past. We had some laughs too which helped me relax more and open up.
I cannot thank you enough for the manner in which you counselled me during this very dark period of my life, I’ll be honest and say I was a little sad when you suggested reducing and finally “winding up” our sessions but this was another show of your professionalism.
Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I hope I don’t require your services again lol, but I would have no hesitation to drop in should I need to. Thank you” PC, May 2020

“I first contacted Hertford Counselling service in Summer 2019, a year after my 25 year relationship/marriage ended. I have suffered with poor mental health for as long as I can recall and had been taking prescribed antidepressants for the past 5 years.

I had felt that I had coped well during the first year following my break up but all of a sudden I was overwhelmed with the sense of loss, had incredibly low self esteem & a lack of confidence. Having, also within that year, experienced redundancy, I had some additional funds from my pay out and took the bold move to book a session with a counsellor to see if they could offer me guidance.

Looking back on my counselling experience, I can wholeheartedly say it was the best investment I have ever made. I had weekly counselling sessions with Bronwen and she advised me to have them on a Sunday morning in order that I could relax afterwards as i would find the 50 minute session intense. Every week, the day before my session, Bronwen would text me to remind me of our scheduled meeting which was very helpful.
Each week Bronwen would recap on what we covered the week before. She never focused on my failed relationship and never passed judgement on my ex partner. She focused on my behaviour and how i had established those behaviours.Each week Bronwen encouraged me to focus on a particular area and the following week we discussed my progress.

With the help that Bronwen has given me, I have now weaned myself off of the antidepressants (under supervision of my GP) and we have put a hold on the weekly sessions for now. I would not say I was cured, i think anyone who struggles with poor mental health would agree it is difficult to cure yourself. But I have learnt techniques and understand the the reason that I behave in the way that I do. I am now aware when my mental health is starting to dip and can tackle it before it builds up. I would not hesitate to revisit my counselling sessions at any point in the future if I felt i needed it. I would encourage anyone to try counselling for any aspects of life that are getting too much.” CG, 26 October 2019

“Thank you [Karen] so much for always taking me seriously and getting me to this point where I can now move away and happily take care of myself.” Ali, 17, December 2018.

“Thank you [Karen] for all of your unwavering support through the laughter, the tears, through everything and mostly for being there that day I really needed you.” Sharon, December 2018.

“Thank you Vincent for the work we have done on my acute anxiety of travelling in confined spaces. I’m now able to control my emotions and behaviour to the extent that I can relax when flying.” Ken Rowswell, Potters Bar.

“I visited Kam to help me manage my anger problems. Talking  the issue through helped me successfully identify the triggers and routes of my emotions and as a result I feel much more able to address my feelings in future.”  Ms L. H. Herts, Nov 2015.

“It has been liberating Vincent, to be able to share my feelings with someone without (too much) fear and you have helped me to look at things differently,  which I value more than you probably appreciate!” Ms D. N. Herts, Oct 2015.

“Thank you Vincent, I found the experience of counselling with you incredibly grounding and life-changing.”
 Robert Branson, St Albans.

“Thanks for all you have done . It’s been a long and difficult journey but progress has been good and I feel like I’m so much better equipped now than before I came to you!” Mr M.D Herts, July 2016.