More about Vincent

‘While training to be a counsellor, I was lucky enough to spend time volunteering at school for adolescents with behavioural difficulties.

During this time as a mentor, I began to really appreciate first-hand the complexities of growing up through the experience of the pupils. I was taken aback by how responsible the children felt for their own situations at home and how emotionally affected they were by what was happening in their family life.

These formative years as children and adolescents are the building blocks of how we react to events in our day-to-day lives.

I believe we all have a default position and this is developed at an early age stage from the experiences around us at that time. When we are stressed, anxious or frightened we return to this default position. During counselling, I work with you to make sense of the past in order to resolve current issues.’

Vincent is a BACP accredited counsellor.


  • “Talking to Vincent really helped me and I can’t express enough how much it helped me, having a non-judgemental neutral individual to talk with was so important in helping me from a point where I felt lost, angry, frustrated and somewhat depressed with mounting issues in my life to the light at the end of the tunnel where I understood myself and others around me, accepted various things and respected myself afterwards. I can’t recommend it enough!” Richard, 32, June 2017
  • “I’d just like to say a very heartfelt thank you Vincent. For me to visit was a very big step. As a man of a certain age (52) you are brought up to feel you should be able to work things out for yourself. Just to talk and to have an unbiased view, the insights into mine and others peoples’ behaviour you gave was such a great help. I feel much more content with myself, understanding why I was like I was and who I am now. I really do feel a changed man and very much for the best.” Mr R, Hertford, May 2017
  • “Thank you Vincent, I found the experience of counselling with you incredibly grounding and life-changing.”
 Robert Branson, St Albans
  • “Thank you Vincent for the work we have done on my acute anxiety of travelling in confined spaces. I’m now able to control my emotions and behaviour to the extent that I can relax when flying.” Ken Rowswell, Potters Bar