More About Kam

I practice a holistic approach which places the individual within their social, historical and cultural context. Working in an integrative manner gives me the flexibility and access to more than one way of working for the individual, which basically means that rather than specialise in any one kind of technique, there are various ideas that I can draw upon and adapt to suit the client’s needs. I believe I can provide an objective view of how a person has been ‘constructed’ over their life of experience.

I have worked in various settings and dealt with a wide range of presenting issues. These include addictions, higher education (Cambridge University) and also within an NHS setting and is currently practising in a Harley Street Clinic. I have experience in working with bereavement, anxiety, depression and many other issues. Some of the skills I use include Person Centred, Psychodynamic, CBT, Social Psychology, Transactional Analysis and Existential therapy, etc. My style of working is often dictated by the issues that are being worked on and the client’s readiness to change.

I hold a degree in Psychosocial Studies and an Msc in Psychology and have conducted research into cultural counselling. After over ten years of experience in mental health I believe that the relations between people are very complex and multi-layered. Talking therapies are still over stigmatised and this can prevent individuals to address thoughts and behaviours that are out of date and stop unhealthy mental functioning. My own experience of therapy has helped me to be self-aware and to avoid the pitfalls within relationships that have stopped me functioning in a way that is healthy and productive.

I am a member of and comply with the ethical code of BACP and engage in regular supervision to ensure I remain client focused in his work.

I offer time limited and open ended therapy to individuals over the age of 18 years in Hertford and in Central London.