More about Bronwen

Bringing family members or couples together in a neutral place helps each person explore and express their individual needs and thoughts. Through exploration it is possible for everyone to build on strengths and make useful changes in their relationships – and their lives. Couple/relationship and family therapy is always inclusive and considers the needs of each member and other important people in their lives.

I am a big supporter of early intervention when it comes to children’s emotional well-being but what happened when they went home and things fell apart…? I then went onto further training at the Tavistock and Portman NHS to train as a systemic practitioner – enabling me to work with couples and families. With having the family and others together we can try and understand each other’s experiences and explore and express difficult thoughts and emotions safely and find ways forward.

Counselling for Children

I started working in a primary school where I have been working therapeutically with children for fifteen years.  I also work in a secondary school seeing students from 12 – 16 years old. Students are struggling with the pressures of exams, peer pressure and social media, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts and family breakdown. By providing a space for them to share and talk about what happening in their lives and to explore the best outcomes is vital for their emotional well-being and for them to go onto be well rounded adults.

Relationship/Couple counselling

I also work for Relate with couples/relationships and I am trained to work with those in domestic violent and abusive relationships. Relationships can be challenging, there are financial, bereavement, employment, separation, divorce, anxiety and intimacy worries that we may face, all of which can affect how we communicate with each other. When we are stressed, anxious or angry we don’t always think clearly and these thoughts can cloud our judgement. By listening to each other and giving the other person space to talk, we can together move forward to a better place.

Family therapy

This can be anyone that is important in your life.  I work with families where there are parenting issues- keeping and maintaining boundaries can be difficult for many parents, where a parent is in prison, depression and navigating blended families plus those mentioned above. I recognise and build on people’s strengths and relational resources and remain sensitive to family forms and relationships as well as beliefs and cultures.

I am also a Parentgym Coach. Parentgym is an evidence based parenting programme helping parents raise happy children. The course involves six two-hour workshops including:

  • How to communicate with your child.
  • How to be consistent.
  • How to balance warmth & discipline…plus much more.

I am a member of the BACP (British Associations of Counselling & Psychotherapy) and AFT (Association of Family Therapy).