Meet Dr Paul Oppedijk, MD

Hertford Counselling Service has recently partnered with Psychiatrist, Dr Paul Oppedijk from Therapy in Herts. Dr Oppedijk’s private practice is based in St Albans and he brings 30 years of experience in Psychiatry and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

Dr Oppedijk offers a holistic service from assessment to treatment of a full range of psychiatric and psychological problems. As a registered clinician, Dr Oppedijk can prescribe medication when needed, with regular and secure follow ups.

Background and Experience

Dr Oppedijk specialises in General Adult Psychiatry and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and has a special interest in Neurotic Disorders and treatment along psychoanalytical lines.

Having worked for the National Health Service (NHS) in Hertfordshire as a Consultant Psychiatrist since 1998, Dr Oppedijk also provides overall psychiatric input with the help of a Community Mental Health Team in the Dacorum area of Hempel Hempstead.

Dr Oppedijk is registered with the General Medical Council (GMC number: 4446945) in the Specialty of Psychiatry.

He also has experience as an Expert Witness for the Court of Justice and is able to prepare Medical Legal Reports (road traffic accidents, industrial accidents, family proceedings, work-related stress, etc.) upon request. Dr Oppedijk is registered with the Medical Protection Society (MPS number: 368861).


Please contact Dr Oppedijk at Therapy in Herts at