Couples Counselling

All relationships can feel stressful, demanding, unreasonable, stale, arguing about the stupidest things and how these arguments can escalate out of control.  Even bigger issues such as money, work pressure, in-laws, sex, children can cause long -term problems which your unable to discuss as you feel your viewpoint is misunderstood by your partner. You both are so busy leading separate lives, that you are gradually drifting a part, sadly there seems little time to try to resolve your differences.  Couples therapy can feel daunting, exposing your inner thoughts with a stranger but also in front of your partner, will it hurt or upset them, will the counsellor side with the other partner against you? Will it make it worse?

During sessions equal time is given to each partner, the focus is on the relationship and understanding for each other, learning to listen more and not be judgemental or make assumptions and to support each other through changes.  Generally couples therapy is short term and does not require long – term work.