Anger Management

Anger is often thought of as a negative emotion that has destructive qualities. How often have you wanted to control your anger yet give way to that ‘inner child’ and feel really bad afterwards? We view anger as a normal emotion that arises in response to threatening situations.

Recognising your physical reactions to anger (such as breathing) and the triggers that set you off can help you to manage the level and intensity of angry reactions. Our counsellors can help you to identify your relation to anger and aim to help you plan long term solutions to anger management.

Unhelpful ways of thinking that have been in place due to conditioning at school or home can be explored in a confidential setting. If you feel that your anger is making you overly aggressive and affecting the way you behave then please contact us for a consultation.

There are many reasons to be angry but we feel that unresolved anger can have many harmful side-effects and these can manifest in behaviour or even physical ailments. Individuals can effectively teach themselves to identify and transform unhealthy anger into a more positive experience and to defuse conflicts in a way that they feel is more beneficial.