Adolescent Counselling

Teenagers today face an ever-growing number of challenges. From exams and deadlines to the lure of the Internet, adolescents have all kinds of pressures to deal with. If left to spiral, these can result in them suffering from depression, stress-related conditions, low self-esteem, drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, and relational difficulties.

It is estimated that less than a third of children under 18 with a psychological problem receive any help, but therapy is often a very successful option for teens and adolescents who are not coping.

Teenager counselling and psychotherapy

Counselling for teenagers uses all the same principles of adult therapy but is underpinned by strategies from developmental psychology.

If you have a teenager who is showing some of these typical signs of adolescent psychological problems, then counselling could help:

• Difficulty in coping with daily life
• Excessive worrying
• Extended period of depression and lethargy
• Noticeable changes in eating
• Disturbed sleeping patterns
• References to suicide or self-harm
• Apparent changes in personality
• Mood swings
• Drug/alcohol misuse
• Pronounced demonstrations of aggression

Vincent Tanner works with adolescents and teenagers at Hertford Counselling Service.  Vincent can help your teenager by giving them the space to talk about any issues in a safe environment, which enables them to gain confidence in self-expression and improves their communication levels through practice and with feedback.

Therapy can also support them while they learn to recognise their strengths and weaknesses, as well as teaching them ways of overcoming worries, pressures and negative behaviours. Let us help your teenager to help him or herself, all sessions are confidential.