What our clients say about us

What our clients say about us

“Thank you Vincent for the work we have done on my acute anxiety of travelling in confined spaces. I’m now able to control my emotions and behaviour to the extent that I can relax when flying.” Ken Rowswell, Potters Bar

“I visited Kam to help me manage my anger problems. Talking  the issue through helped me successfully identify the triggers and routes of my emotions and as a result I feel much more able to address my feelings in future.”  Ms L. H. Herts, Nov 2015

“It has been liberating Vincent, to be able to share my feelings with someone without (too much) fear and you have helped me to look at things differently,  which I value more than you probably appreciate!” Ms D. N. Herts, Oct 2015

“Thank you Vincent, I found the experience of counselling with you incredibly grounding and life-changing.”
 Robert Branson, St Albans

“Thanks for all you have done . It’s been a long and difficult journey but progress has been good and I feel like I’m so much better equipped now than before I came to you!” Mr M.D Herts, July 2016